Terrazzo Floor Restoration

  Terrazzo Floor Restoration in NJ, NY, PA and CT

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration and Refinishing requires specialized equipment designed specifically grinding, honing, and polishing terrazzo floors.  At Diamond Cut we can restore your terrazzo floors to a shine that will give you a perfect reflection.

Over the past 30 years most Terrazzo Floors have been neglected due to the fact that stripping, waxing and topical sealers were the only options available to maintain these beautiful floors. Restoring terrazzo floors eliminates the need for regular stripping and waxing, which can be costly.



Today we can easily restore your old and dull terrazzo floors to better than NEW!

Utilizing specialized terrazzo grinding equipment and industrial diamonds, we restore your terrazzo floors to better than new. Through a series of grinding, honing and polishing steps we will leave you with beautiful, low maintenance terrazzo.


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 Preforming Terrazzo Restoration the right way is an art . It requires the right combination of artistry and machinery to achieve  an ultra high gloss terrazzo floor.  Only our 14 step terrazzo restoration process will leave you floors shinning like glass! No wax or topical sealer can ever come close.

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Removing Floor Coverings from Terrazzo Floors


Terrazzo floors are often damaged by removing nails from carpet tack strips, old walls and pipes, which result in large holes in the floor. Removing linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile can also cause chips and pitting throughout the terrazzo floors.

It is always best to hire a professional to remove coverings from the terrazzo floors and address any necessary repairs.

Please call today for a free terrazzo floor restoration evaluation of your facility.



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