What is Terrazzo Restoration?

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Terrazzo floor restoration was preformed on this terrazzo floor, restoring it back to better than new condition


Terrazzo restoration is the process of repairing and re-polishing terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo restoration is the process of repairing and re polishing terrazzo floors bringing them back to their original condition or better. This can be accomplished by using industrial diamond abrasives and specifically designed polishing compounds, densifiers and powders to give the terrazzo floor a long lasting, natural shine.


Terrazzo Restoration Is Not A Janitorial  Services!

Terrazzo restoration is not a janitorial service, which would involve stripping the floor and/or coating it with waxes or topical sealers. We do not perform this type of service. This is not “polishing” and your terrazzo floors will scratch and dull very easily from this approach.


Terrazzo restoration should never involve crystallization or re-crystallization.

Terrazzo restoration should never involve crystallization or re-crystallization. This is a cheap process and the gloss lacks clarity. This type of shine can only be maintained by repeating the process over and over again, which builds up layers of wavy, hard wax, which will ultimately require diamond grinding to remove. This process also does not show the individual character and beauty of the various stones inlaid in your terrazzo floor each of which reflects light in its own way.

How Long Does Terrazzo Restoration Take?

Timing varies. On average, 1000 square feet of floor with a moderate level of repair should take about four (4) days to complete. If the contractor you’ve selected does not have proper equipment (i.e. cheap janitorial equipment modified to work with terrazzo), the time frame will be extended by several days. Restrooms, kitchens, flooring that needs to be removed, stain removal, extensive repairs and areas that have to be restored by hand will add to the duration of the job.

Is Terrazzo Restoration Messy?

Our process is performed wet, which eliminates the mess that dust can cause. Our machines are contained and do not allow the wet slurry to splatter about. We also cover all areas of concern with 3M plastic sheeting for extra protection.

What is our process?

  • We do whatever it takes to make your floors look beautiful for a fair price. We strive to give our customers the absolute best product, at the best price, using the best materials and the best equipment.
  • We use a twelve-step diamond grinding, honing and polishing process. However, if after we have started the job, it is determined that going a step higher or lower is necessary to provide the best result, we will do so at no extra charge.
  • We use machines specifically designed for this task, which allows us to do the best work in the least amount of time.
  • We use the finest diamond abrasives in the industry. This is extremely important! Using only the finest diamonds allows us to outshine the competition every time. A better mechanical sheen equals a longer lasting floor.
  • We address all repairs. This is done using custom matched resins and matching marble chips. We do not use cement for repairs due to the cure time. If cement repairs are ground and polished prematurely, they will stand out. Epoxy repairs can be better matched, and in our experience, polish better than fresh cement.
  • All stains are addressed, either by grinding or poulticing. It is important to note that due to the age of your floor and the type of stain, it is not always possible to completely remove every stain.
  • We polish the floor using the methods advised by The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, namely industrial diamonds, polishing powders and compounds specific to the many types of stone chips and matrices that make up a terrazzo floor.
  • We seal the floor with an impregnating sealer. This type of sealer is absorbed by the floor and seals it internally without the use of a topical coatings, which can scratch and wear or contain harmful crystallizers.

How Much Does Terrazzo Restoration Cost?

The terrazzo restoration described above will cost between $4.00 and $6.00 per square foot, depending on several factors – project size, necessary repairs, and accessibility – to name a few. Our prices for restoration are all-inclusive. We do not charge our customers for services that should be performed on every job.